Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Palette Review and Swatches

July 29, 2014

Hi all!

First of all, let’s just take a moment to acknowledge how terrible I am at updating this blog. Yea, go ahead…take a moment to just soak it all in. Alright…that’s enough now. hehe I’m really going to try to consistently post on this thing. Really! So…enough of this blabbing. Let’s get to the makeup!



As every makeup enthusiast knows by now, Anastasia Beverly Hills recently released the Amrezy eyeshadow palette. She and the Instagram famous makeup artist @Amrezy collaborated to create this beautiful palette! Imagine how awesome that must be to have a makeup brand ask you to collab with them for a palette! MAH DREAMS!

The palette comes with ten different shades, and pretty much covers the range from light, to medium, to dark. It also throws a couple of colors in there (Iridescent Purple and Emerald) to kind of add a pop of color to your look! The top row of colors are all beautiful shimmers. The pieces of glitter in the shadows are just the right size. I’m not a big fan of shadows that have those giant chunks of glitter in them. They just create too much fallout, in my opinion, and by the end of the day I usually have these giant glitter flecks all over my face. Not good! So anyway, like I was saying, these shimmers are awesome. They go on beautifully and are quite pigmented!

The bottom row consists of matte shades, with four of those being true mattes. The color Vanilla is mostly matte, but they did throw in a tiny bit of glitter here and there. I absolutely love the color Caramel as a transition color! It’s beautiful! One thing that will drive me crazy about a palette is the lack of a transition color. Going from lid color to just brow bone color isn’t enough. We all need that beautiful color to go in the crease to kind of glue everything together. So, when a palette doesn’t have that, I’ll have to bring out my MAC Soft Brown…but that’s not convenient, especially when traveling. Everything all in one place is always the best. Like the shimmer colors, the mattes all work wonderfully as well. They’re not chalky or patchy. They all go on smoothly and blend easily! What more could you want?

So… without further hesitation…here’s what you have probably been waiting for. The pictures!

IMG_4436 IMG_4445IMG_4464IMG_4462IMG_4461



Swatches WITH primer underneath


Aaaand here are a couple of looks I’ve done with the palette!

IMG_4496IMG_45232 IMG_4522 IMG_4493


And lastly…if you like watching more than reading, here’s a video review I did over the palette!

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