Last Minute Halloween Idea! Broken Doll Tutorial

October 22, 2013

Is Halloween really going to be here next week? Where has the time gone?! Since my dental assisting classes are starting to wrap up (which means an enormous amount of studying) I haven’t had any time to go costume shopping this year! I think I went to Spirit Halloween store one time just to look around, and went home with nothing, although I did see quite a few cute costumes. And a Domo Frankenstein beanie that I REALLY wanted.


   Well, fast forward several weeks and here I am, still without a costume! This is where my obsession with makeup comes in handy. Since I have all these things laying around, why not put them to use this Halloween and save some money??


what you’ll need for this look:

  • a foundation (preferably lighter than your actual skin color since we’re going for a doll look) 
  • A setting powder
  • eyeshadows
  • dramatic false lashes
  • under eye lashes
  • eye liner
  • a brown eye liner or eyebrow pencil
  • blush
  • lipstick
  • Circle lenses, if you have any  *use at your own discretion
  • a white eyeliner or cream shadow


   You can use more or less of these products depending on how exactly you want your makeup to look. Just watch the video for inspiration and have at it! Enjoy! And if you haven’t already, please subscribe to you my YouTube channel!

   See you next time! Happy Halloween 🙂

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