Saucebox Cosmetics Batalash Palette- Review and Swatches!

June 23, 2015
Saucebox Cosmetics Batalash Palette

One thing about me…I’m a complete Instagram beauty junkie. Instagram is the best place to find out about upcoming makeup and the perfect place to obsess over the beautiful looks that people create. Some of my favorite artists that I follow are the Batalash Beauty girls. Now, if you haven’t heard of them before you need to check them out. Like, NOW! hehe They are incredibly talented and come up with the coolest looks! So, when I heard that they were getting together with a company called Saucebox Cosmetics to create a palette, I was SOLD! After following them for a good while, I knew that I could trust that they would team up with a great company to create an awesome product. And they did! From the design of the palette, to the shadow choices, to the pigmentation. It’s all so so good!

Saucebox Batalash palette

Batalash for Saucebox

Even the back of the packaging is adorable!

These shadow pans are HUGE.  I know that when this palette was first announced, people were complaining about the $60 price tag. I have no idea what they were thinking, considering the amount of product that we are given. Let me put it into perspective for you.

Saucebox Batalash Palette

Here’s a MAC eyeshadow next to a Saucebox shadow for comparison. A typical MAC eyeshadow contains 0.04oz of product and costs $16, or $10 for the pan only. A Make Up For Ever shadow contains 0.07oz of product and costs $21 for one shadow, $34  for two, and $44 for 3. These shadows contain a whopping 0.14oz of product. If we divide the $60 between the 8 shadows, then that puts each pan at $7.50. That’s it! $7.50 for those HUGE pans!


Saucebox Batalash Palette

Stepping away from cost, let’s talk about the actual palette. There are so many things I love about this palette.  I like that they decided on making the palette half matte and half shimmer. I also like that they arranged them to be all matte in one row and all shimmer in the other, instead of just randomly throwing them in there. But, if you don’t enjoy the way the shadows are set up, no worries! They’re magnetic and can be popped out and put back in however your heart sees fit! The colors that they chose are also fantastic! I love how they have some nice neutrals in there, but also threw in some pops of color!

The shadows are SO pigmented and go on nice and smoothly. With these shadows, you don’t have to worry about them not adhering to the skin, or flakiness, or patchiness. They work, and they work good!

So, if you want your own palette, it’s available for purchase now for $60 on This is a limited edition item, so once it’s gone, it’s gone forever!


Now, let’s enjoy these beautiful swatches!

SauceBox Batalash Palette Vanilla


Saucebox Batalash Palette Swatches Vanilla


Saucebox Batalash Palette winter brown

Winter Brown

Saucebox Batalash Palette Swatches Winter Brown

Vanilla, Winter Brown

Saucebox Batalash Palette Cinnamon


Saucebox Batalash Palette Swatches Cinnamon

Winter Brown, Cinnamon

Saucebox Batalash Palette Lace Noir

Lace Noir

Saucebox Batalash Palette Swatches Lace Noir

Winter Brown, Cinnamon, Lace Noir

Saucebox Batalash Palette Enigma


Saucebox Batalash Palette Swatches Enigma

Cinnamon, Lace Noir, Enigma

Saucebox Batalash Palette Electro


Saucebox Batalash Palette Swatches Electro

Lace Noir, Enigma, Electro

Saucebox Batalash Palette Popper


Saucebox Batalash Palette Swatches Popper

Enigma, Electro, Popper

Saucebox Batalash Palette Nova


Saucebox Batalash Palette Swatches Nova

Electro, Popper, Nova

Saucebox Batalash Palette Swatches

Vanilla, Winter Brown, Cinnamon, Lace Noir, Enigma, Electro, Popper, Nova


Hope you all enjoyed the swatches!

Until next time


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