Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

January 9, 2014

    After looking through so many pictures of Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar Palette, I had enough. I knew I HAD to have it. Little fact about me…I am OBSESSED with brown/gold eyeshadows. Those are my absolute weakness. And, as you can see, this one is FILLED with them. So, I went to Sephora online and quickly ordered one. Now, a week later, it finally arrived at my doorstep. It seriously didn’t disappoint. The colors are SO pretty, they glide on like butter, they’re highly pigmented, and the quality is just fantastic.

   This palette runs for $49 and is only online at the moment. Want one for yourself? I don’t blame you 🙂 You can find them at Sephora or at TooFaced online.

   What really gets me about this palette, aside from the shadows, is the adorable packaging. I’m already running out of space to store my palettes, but this packing is making it worse. I’m not going to be able to throw the box away that it came in! Look, it’s a little chocolate bar wrapper! SO CUTE! And the palette itself is also adorable.


   A cute bar of chocolate! Oh, one thing I didn’t mention…these shadows all smell like chocolate. Of course it does. It’s perfect!

IMG_0147   This palette didn’t come with the names written on it like they usually do, so it came with this sleeve. I guess that’s another thing that I won’t be throwing out, considering that I won’t have any idea what their names are. I really like how they made the pans of the highlighters larger than the other colors. One of the problems I have with some of my other shadow palettes is hitting pan on the highlighting shades, since I use those on just about every look, while the other colors only get used based on the look I’m going for at the moment.


   Here’s a close-up of the shadows without the sleeve. Aren’t they just lovely? If only you could smell them through the screen. hehe!

   Now for the swatches. Alright, pay attention here because I don’t want you to be confused. I swatched each color twice. The one on the left is without a primer and the one on the right is with a primer. I just wanted you all to see it done both ways, since there are some people who don’t use primers under their shadows.

IMG_0159 copyFrom left to right: Gilded Ganache, White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Black Forest Truffle, Triple Fudge

IMG_0161Salted Caramel, Marzipan, Semi-Sweet, Strawberry Bon Bon, Candied Violet, Amaretto

IMG_0169Hazelnut, Crème Brulee, Haute Chocolate, Cherry Cordial, Champagne Truffle

   And lastly, I’m leaving you all with a picture of a look I created using this. To me, nothing is more important than seeing a makeup palette in action. Sure, swatches are wonderful, but being able to see how well they perform on the face is a huge deal to me.

IMG_0177And that’s it! I hope you all enjoyed this post!

Until next time!



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  • Reply msjudycyang March 28, 2014 at 3:10 am

    Thanks for the swatch! You sold me on ordering this for myself 😉

    • Reply Zen March 28, 2014 at 3:31 am

      That’s awesome! You’re just going to fall in love with it! It’s definitely one of my favorites! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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